Ep100: Hungry for Finales!

Enough said!
Photo Credit: CBS

In episode 100, Chuck talks about finales! This episode is meta because it’s the finale of the podcast! Chuck starts out with some behind-the-scenes information. Then he talks about the finales of several TV series: M * A * S * H, Newhart, Seinfeld, and Breaking Bad. Chuck would like to thank all of the listeners, guests, commenters, raters, and photo providers! You can still listen to any of these 100 episodes for a while, so please do so and leave comments!

Ep99: Hungry for Chicago (A Second Helping)!

Looks like Boston isn’t the only Beantown!
Photo Credit: Joe Poppie

In episode 99, Chuck sits down with return guest Scott Glennon to talk about Chicago—again! Scott was the first guest on the podcast, and he is the last guest on the podcast. Chuck and Scott talk about what’s been happening in Chicago since the first episode of the podcast (posted over four years ago)—and there has been a lot of change! There have been changes in Chicago politics, the Chicago food scene, and Chicago’s skyline. And there’s been more Lake Michigan that Chicago has had to contend with! Let us know what you think about what’s been happening in Chicago over the last several years!

Ep98: Hungry for Kolchak: The Night Stalker!

Darren McGavin as Carl Kolchak: The Night Stalker!
Photo Credit: ABC

In episode 98, Chuck talks about Kolchak: The Night Stalker! This short-lived TV series from the 1970s is based on an unpublished novel The Kolchak Papers, and two TV movies The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler. Each episode has Chicago reporter Carl Kolchak, played by Darren McGavin, investigating crimes perpetrated by monsters, creatures, or other strange phenomena. Tell Chuck about your favorite episode from this series!

Ep97: Hungry for The Who!

Who are these guys? (See what Chuck did there?)
Photo Credit: Kelle Fieffer

In episode 97, Chuck sits down with Stephen Fieffer to talk about The Who! Stephen’s dad, David, was a huge Who fan; so, he and Chuck, and those close to David, had no choice but to be huge Who fans as well. Stephen and Chuck talk about the history of this iconic English rock band. They also discuss some fun and interesting stories about the band before talking about their favorite songs and albums from The Who’s long discography. Let us know about your favorite Who stories, songs, and/or albums!

Ep96: Hungry for Battle of the Planets!

Apparently the TV series transmuted into a comic book!

In episode 96, Chuck talks about Battle of the Planets! This animated TV series from the late 1970s is an adaptation of the Japanese animated (anime) series Gatchaman. Five young people, the members of G-Force, protect Earth from Zoltar and his evil forces from the planet Spectra! With one word—TRANSMUTE!—the members of G-Force gain cool suits, weapons, and vehicles to aid them in their battle! There have been a number of other adaptations of this series as well. Tell Chuck about your favorite aspects of this series, the original series it is based on, and/or any of the adaptations!

Ep95: Hungry for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Don’t say stage freeze, just do it.

In episode 95, Chuck sits down with return guest Pat Nevis to talk about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! This show follows the wonderfully inappropriate misadventures of five lovable (?) characters as they try to get ahead in life (?). If you hang around with people like Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and/or Frank—perhaps you should rethink your life! Let us know about your favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes.

Ep94: Hungry for Gyros!

Fries rolled up in the chicken gyros—it’s Greek to us here in the United States!

In episode 94, Chuck talks about gyros! These pita sandwiches, or wraps, hold beef/lamb, pork, or chicken that is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Then it’s topped with onions,  tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce. (and fries?) Don’t get caught up in the pronunciation! Chuck mentions a few examples of gyros in TV shows, and he also mentions a couple of his favorite places to get a gyro—that he misses. Tell Chuck about your favorite gyros and where to get them!

Ep93: Hungry for John Hughes!

Isn’t that just ducky? No, it’s Duckie!
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

In episode 93, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Alan Kurtzweg to talk about John Hughes! John Hughes is the writer and/or director and/or producer of some of the most well-known comedies of the 1980s and 1990s. Here are just some of his movies: National Lampoon’s Vacation, Sixteen Candles, Mr. Mom, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Home Alone. Chuck and Alan also discuss the early life and career of John Hughes. Let us know about your favorite John Hughes movies.

Ep92: Hungry for Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee had a style all his own!

In episode 92, Chuck talks about Bruce Lee! Bruce Lee is considered by Chuck, and many others, to be the greatest martial artist of all time! Bruce died at the age of 32; and no, Muhammad Ali did not kill Bruce Lee—no matter what a past guest would have Chuck believe! Bruce Lee developed his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do! Bruce Lee is, perhaps, best known for his role as Kato on The Green Hornet television series and for starring in the greatest martial arts movie ever made—Enter the Dragon. Tell Chuck about your favorite memories of Bruce Lee!

Ep91: Hungry for Rome!

Scott studied at the John Felice Rome Center—a campus of Loyola University Chicago!

In episode 91, Chuck sits down with return guest Scott Glennon to talk about Rome! Scott was a study-abroad student in Rome! Italy’s capital has been around a long time; and there’s lots of history, in and around Rome, to explore. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and is located wholly within Rome! (See what Chuck did there?) Roman cuisine, and Italian cuisine in general, is all about freshness and not about drowning pasta in sauce! It sounds like Scott would sum up Rome with one word: spectacular! Let us know about your favorite Roman things.

Ep90: Hungry for Cryptids!

Here’s a drawing of a Jersey Devil from a Philadelphia newspaper in 1909!

In episode 90, Chuck talks about cryptids! Cryptids are creatures whose existence is based mostly on anecdotal evidence—not Science! Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra are some well-known cryptids. Chuck thinks he may have uncovered a pattern or theme with regard to certain states in the U.S.A. being home to a variety of cryptids. Have you seen a cryptid? Do you know someone who has seen a cryptid? Tell Chuck about your favorite cryptid!

Ep89: Hungry for Oaxaca!

Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán
Photo Credit: Gabriella Van Leuven

In episode 89, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Gabriella Van Leuven about Oaxaca! Oaxaca is a state in southwestern Mexico, and it’s the name of the state’s capital city. Gabriella and her family spent a month in Oaxaca in 2018! Indigenous cultures, the Zapotecs, the Mixtec, and others, have survived better than most others elsewhere in Mexico. Of course, there is great food in Oaxaca! Moles, tamales, chocolate, chapulines, tlayudas, and cheese to name just a few. And you can wash it all down with mezcal! Tell us about your favorite things about Oaxaca!

Ep88: Hungry for Replacement Actors!

Darrin Stephens was played by two different Dicks!
Photo Credit: Victor Mascaro

In episode 88, Chuck talks about replacement actors! It’s when an actor is replaced by another actor to play the same character. Only actors in television series are considered—and no animal actors are included! One of the most famous replacement actors is Dick Sargent who replaced Dick York as Darrin Stephens on Bewitched. Tell Chuck about your favorite television shows with replacement actors!

Ep87: Hungry for Indoor Cycling!

This is not necessarily an endorsement for SoulCycle!
Photo Credit: Shawna Harris

In episode 87, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Shawna Harris about indoor cycling! Shawna has been riding a bike to nowhere for years! Shawna talks about the structure and goals of an indoor cycling class; but Chuck has a friend, past guest Dave Ryan, who does indoor cycling at home. Different, well-known brands are discussed, and Chuck gives his thoughts about Peloton® commercials. Have you participated in aqua cycling? Tell us your favorite place and/or bike to ride to nowhere!

Ep86: Hungry for Aikido!


In episode 86, Chuck talks about aikido! Aikido is a Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei). Chuck has been a fan of aikido ever since he saw the movie Above the Law starring Steven Seagal. This martial art emphasizes blending with and redirecting an attacker’s energy. Chuck talks about aikido training and techniques and which of these techniques Steven Seagal may have used in his movies. Do you think this, or any, martial art could be used effectively in real life? Tell Chuck about your experience with aikido! Onegaishimasu!

Ep85: Hungry for Guinness®!

There’s a widget in it!

In episode 85, Chuck sits down with return guest Tom Kearney to talk about Guinness®! First things first: Guinness® is a registered trademark of Guinness & Co. Chuck and Tom both enjoy a pint of Guinness! Guinness might look like a pancake syrup, but it’s not as thick as it looks. Chuck and Tom talk about the “surge and settle” that is brought to you by nitrogen. In cans, it’s made possible by a widget! Would “The Surge and Settle” be a good name for a pub? Guinness World Records are also discussed. And is Sir Alec Guinness part of the family that started this brewery? Please always let your Guinness finish cascading before enjoying! Tell us if you enjoy a pint of Guinness!

Ep84: Hungry for The Pink Panther!

Not now, Cato!
Photo Credit: United Artists/Photofest

In episode 84, Chuck talks about The Pink Panther! Most of the episode is about the British-American film franchise directed by Blake Edwards. The title comes from the name of the fictional diamond that has been stolen in the original film. There were seven sequels after the first film that were directed by Edwards. Many agree, including Chuck, that the first sequel, A Shot in the Dark, is the best of the entire series. Cato Fong may be Chuck’s favorite character of the series, but of course Peter Sellers’ Jacques Clouseau is brilliant! Despite his meticulous research, Chuck knows he has mixed up which scenes were in which movies! Yes, there were other movies made that were based on the original, but Chuck hasn’t been able to muster the strength to watch them. There is also a series of animated shorts based on this series. Tell Chuck about your favorite movies/scenes from this classic series!

Ep83: Hungry for Folklore!

See if you can pick out the folklore mentioned in this episode!
Photo Credit: Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

In episode 83, Chuck talks via Skype from Canada (That’s a first!) with Jacob Meza about folklore! Jacob is the host of the So It Is Told podcast. (Find it on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play; Twitter and IG: @soitistoldcast; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soitistoldcast/) Chuck and Jacob discuss myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales. Why were these stories created? Why do they persist and continue to influence popular culture? Tell us about your favorite folklore genre and/or stories!

Ep82: Hungry for Omelettes!

Do you think Chuck would get the job after making this omelette?

In episode 82, Chuck talks about omelettes! Chuck recalls eating and making omelettes ever since his oldest brother introduced them to him. The one basic rule to remember about making omelettes is that you have to break a few eggs; however, this dish is not without its controversies. The omelette may have originated in France, but versions of it exist in the United States of America, Italy, Spain, Japan, and other countries of the world. Tell Chuck about your favorite omelettes!

Ep81: Hungry for The IT Crowd!

This is the IT department of Reynholm Industries—without Richmond!
Photo Credit: Channel Four Television Corporation

In episode 81, Chuck talks over-the-phone with his nephew Jonathan and Jonathan’s wife Natalie about The IT Crowd! This Britcom had four series (seasons) and concluded with a special episode. This show follows Jen, Roy, and Moss (and Richmond) who work in the IT department of Reynholm Industries. Watch as they get into hilarious trouble with the head of the company, their fellow employees, and the outside world. Tell us about your favo(u)rite episodes! And if you don’t think this show is funny, try turning it off and on again!

Ep80: Hungry for Patton Oswalt!

Here’s Patton Oswalt standing up doing comedy!
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris

In episode 80, Chuck talks about Patton Oswalt! Chuck is a big fan of Patton’s stand-up comedy. Patton is also an actor who is well known for his role as Spence Olchin on The King of Queens and for being the voice of Remy in Ratatouille. Patton’s first wife was writing a true-crime book about the Golden State Killer that was published after her death. Did the book do more than raise public awareness about this cold case? Patton continues to act, do voice-over work, and continues to make Chuck laugh. Tell Chuck about your favorite things from Patton Oswalt!

Ep79: Hungry for Comic Book Movies!

Does Jane Fonda regret this role?

In episode 79, Chuck talks via Skype (That’s a first!) with Alexander Black about comic book movies! Alex is the creator, writer, and star of 2000 DC—A Sitcom Podcast. (https://sitpod2000dc.podbean.com/; Twitter: @2000DCpod; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2000DCpod/) Comic book movies (They started as serials.) have been around since the 1940s. There are quite a few movies that Chuck didn’t know were based on comic books. Chuck and Alex talk about their favorite comic book movies and ones that missed the mark. Tell us about your favorite, and/or least favorite, comic book movies!

Ep78: Hungry for City Living!

Living in a typical courtyard building in the big city!

In episode 78, Chuck talks about city living! Chuck has lived in the city since January of 2013. There are a number of advantages to city living. One advantage for Chuck is that he no longer needs a car. Chuck has taken advantage of the cultural and educational opportunities offered by living in the big city of Chicago, but he hasn’t necessarily enjoyed them all. Chuck recognizes that there are also disadvantages to city living. Tell Chuck what you like and/or dislike about city living!

Ep77: Hungry for Zombies!

You might want to read this if you want to be among the living—not the living dead!
Photo Credit: Tom Greene

In episode 77, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Tom Greene about zombies! After some zombie history, Chuck and Tom talk about zombie movies, which of course includes George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. Tom offers recommendations for zombie movies and books, including The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Tell us about your favorite zombie movies, books, or tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse!