Ep11: Hungry for Columbo!

Photo credits: Getty Images; NBC Universal
Just one more thing…
Photo Credits: Getty Images; NBC Universal

In episode 11, Chuck sits down with his friend, Corey Lynn, to talk about Columbo. It’s the classic television series starring Peter Falk as a lieutenant in the Los Angeles police department who has to solve a murder. What’s so special about this series? The viewer already knows whodunit! The beauty and fun of it is that you get to watch the disheveled man in the rumpled raincoat (in Los Angeles?) disarm, distract, and politely pester the guilty person until there is enough evidence to make an arrest. Other shows that have a “howcatchem” format are mentioned as well. Oh just one more thing: Leave a comment to tell us what your favorite episode is or what shows we didn’t mention have an inverted detective story format!

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