Ep12: Hungry for Bagels!

Poppy the Bagel! (And that ain't no chive--actually it is!)
Poppy the Bagel!
(And that ain’t no chive–actually it is!)

In episode 12, Chuck talks about bagels! For those who know him, they know he has a bit of a routine when it comes to bagels. He talks about the controversial history of bagels and a little about how they ended up all over North America. How are they made? What can you put on a bagel? Does Chuck go on a rant? Guess where you won’t see him having a nice, hot bagel! Let Chuck know what your favorite bagel is and what you put on your bagel!


  1. I am now hungry for bagels. For quite some time, I worked for an outfit that provided us with bagels every Monday morning (from Einstein Bros.) . . . it is now Monday morning, and I have no bagels . . . I am sad. Thank you, Chuck.

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