Ep52: Hungry for PodernFamily!

Photo Credit: PodernFamily

In episode 52, Chuck talks about PodernFamily! PodernFamily (@podernfamily) is a hashtag and more! It’s a community of podcasts that uses #PodernFamily on Twitter (and Facebook). Chuck uses #PodernFamily when he posts a Tweet about Hungry for Laughs! (@hfl_podcast). Chuck talks about four podcasts that use #PodernFamily: The Boondoggle (@boondogglecast), Deezus Take The Reel (@DeezusTTReel), Rough Giraffe (@RoughGiraffePod), and The Unwritable Rant (@MorningNeurosis). There are many, many more podcasts in the PodernFamily community. Let Chuck know which ones are your favorites!

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