Ep84: Hungry for The Pink Panther!

Not now, Cato!
Photo Credit: United Artists/Photofest

In episode 84, Chuck talks about The Pink Panther! Most of the episode is about the British-American film franchise directed by Blake Edwards. The title comes from the name of the fictional diamond that has been stolen in the original film. There were seven sequels after the first film that were directed by Edwards. Many agree, including Chuck, that the first sequel, A Shot in the Dark, is the best of the entire series. Cato Fong may be Chuck’s favorite character of the series, but of course Peter Sellers’ Jacques Clouseau is brilliant! Despite his meticulous research, Chuck knows he has mixed up which scenes were in which movies! Yes, there were other movies made that were based on the original, but Chuck hasn’t been able to muster the strength to watch them. There is also a series of animated shorts based on this series. Tell Chuck about your favorite movies/scenes from this classic series!

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