Ep66: Hungry for Ricky Gervais!

Ricky Gervais
Photo Credit: Ray Burmiston

In episode 66, Chuck talks about Ricky Gervais! Ricky Gervais is an English stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director, producer, and singer. He has created and starred in several successful Britcoms: The Office, Extras, and Derek. Ricky has hosted The Golden Globe Awards four times and has appeared and acted on several television shows in the United States. Tell Chuck about your favo(u)rite things from Ricky Gervais!

Ep65: Hungry for Fast Food!

You’d better make it fast if you’re going to either of these two places!

In episode 65, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Laurie Fieffer about fast food! Fast food has been around a long time, and today we have a wide variety of fast food restaurants to choose from. Chuck and Laurie talk about their earliest fast food memories and some of their favorites. Regional fast food and fast food from other countries is discussed as well. Tell us about your favorite fast food!

Ep64: Hungry for Jeopardy!

Yes, this is Jeopardy!
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television

In episode 64, Chuck talks about Jeopardy! The original version of this classic game show debuted on March 30, 1964. The host of the original Jeopardy! was Art Fleming, and the announcer was Don Pardo. The syndicated version of Jeopardy! premiered in 1984 and since then, the host has been Alex Trebek, and the announcer has been Johnny Gilbert. Chuck has some thoughts about Alex Trebek. Let Chuck know if you’ve been or you know someone who’s been a contestant on Jeopardy!

Ep63: Hungry for Punk Rock!

The cover features a photograph by Pennie Smith of Paul Simonon smashing his guitar against the stage.
Photo Credit: Epic Records

In episode 63, Chuck sits down with return guest John Swinford to talk about punk rock! Chuck and John discuss what punk rock is and its origins. The Ramones, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols are a few of the bands that were in the first wave of punk rock. John talks about some of his favorite punk rock bands and concerts and recommends some albums for new listeners. Tell us about your favorite punk rock bands, albums, and/or concerts!

Ep62: Hungry for Grits!

The host isn’t a southerner, but he still doesn’t use instant grits!

In episode 62, Chuck talks about grits! This southern tradition is made from dried, ground corn. Chuck usually has his with cheese mixed in. Grits helped to make the sitcom Alice a hit! Grits helped save lives in My Cousin Vinny, and they were used as retribution in Madea’s Family Reunion. Let Chuck know how long you cook your grits and how you like them!

Ep61: Hungry for Aviation!

How was your flight?
Photo Credit: Paramount

In episode 61, Chuck sits down with Bill McKeown to talk about Aviation! This episode takes off with a brief history of Aviation. Then several in-flight movies are enjoyed and compared to their real-world counterparts. Chuck and Bill bring the episode in for a landing with customer service and passenger failures. Let Chuck and Bill know if you have any memorable flight or airport experiences!

Ep60: Hungry for St. Patrick’s Day!

This toast may come in handy if you’re feeling a little green!

In episode 60, Chuck talks about St. Patrick’s Day! It’s that time of year, on and around March 17, when everyone’s Irish! St. Patrick was a real dude who lived in Ireland in the 5th century. To celebrate his life’s work, there are parades, festivals, and wearing of the green all over the world! There are two parades in Chicago, and the Chicago River even gets in the spirit. Chuck also dishes about corned beef and cabbage! Tell Chuck how you’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day—if you can remember!

Ep59: Hungry for Ireland!

Here’s Tom at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland!
Photo Credit: Loretta O’Malley

In episode 59, Chuck sits down with return guest Tom Kearney to talk about Ireland! At the time of recording this episode, Tom has been to Ireland no less than 6 times! Chuck and Tom discuss Ireland’s history, some of its food and drink offerings, and Irish pub culture. And Tom advises visitors to ask the locals for directions. Tell us about your life and/or adventures in Ireland and if you have any clarifications about Ireland’s history!

Ep58: Hungry for The Honeymooners!

There’s more to The Honeymooners than just the “Classic 39”!

In episode 58, Chuck talks about The Honeymooners! The Honeymooners is a sitcom that ran for one season, from 1955 to 1956, also referred to as the “Classic 39.” But before that it was a recurring sketch on Cavalcade of Stars and The Jackie Gleason Show. The main characters are bus driver Ralph Kramden and his wife, Alice, and sewer worker Ed Norton and his wife, Trixie. Most of the stories take place in the Brooklyn apartment of the Kramdens with visits from their upstairs neighbors, the Nortons. Let Chuck know which episodes, or sketches, are your favorites!

Ep57: Hungry for Traverse City!

Grand Traverse Bay—an inlet of Lake Michigan
Photo Credit: Traverse City Tourism

In episode 57, Chuck talks over-the-phone with Shawna Harris about Traverse City! Shawna grew up in Traverse City. Traverse City, Michigan is in the pinky area of the “Mitten State.” It’s a small city most of the year, but in the summer the population explodes with visitors for the annual National Cherry Festival and Traverse City Film Festival. But there’s more! There are wineries, breweries, and restaurants to enjoy! Don’t forget the beaches in the summer and skiing in the winter! Let Chuck and Shawna know if you’ve visited this city and share your memories!

Ep56: Hungry for Po’ Boys!

Roast Beef Po’ Boy!

In episode 56, Chuck talks about Po’ Boys! Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks, and Chicago has its Italian beef. New Orleans has the Po’ Boy! The origins of this sandwich go back to 1929 in New Orleans. Meat, seafood, or even French fries dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo are the most traditional. There are lots of places to get them in New Orleans and beyond. Let Chuck know which place serves the best and which Po’ Boy is your favorite!

Ep55: Hungry for Oysters!

Blue Point Oysters at Joel’s Party!

In episode 55, Chuck talks over-the-phone with return guest Joel Albright about oysters! Chuck and Joel love eating oysters. Chuck and Joel discuss the different types and preparations of oysters. Restaurants in Chicago and New Orleans that serve oysters are discussed as well. Let Chuck and Joel know about your go-to place for oysters, which types of oysters you enjoy, and how you like them prepared!

Ep54: Hungry for Unseen Characters!

Finally seen but not for long!
Photo Credit: NBC Universal

In episode 54, Chuck talks about Unseen Characters! These are the characters referred to by characters you do see, but they themselves are not seen. Unseen characters have been around since the beginning of live theater, but Chuck only talks about those from television. Which unseen character is your favorite? Let Chuck know which unseen characters he forgot to mention!

Ep53: Hungry for Whisk(e)y!

Juliette Miranda

In episode 53, Chuck talks over-the-phone with fellow podcaster Juliette Miranda about Whisk(e)y! Juliette (@MorningNeurosis) is the host of The Unwritable Rant podcast (http://www.theunwritablerant.com/), and she loves her whiskey—especially bourbon whiskey. Chuck and Juliette talk about the different spellings of this distilled grain alcohol and its different types. Juliette also shares some stories and recommendations. Let Chuck and Juliette know which type of whiskey (or whisky) you enjoy!

Ep52: Hungry for PodernFamily!

Photo Credit: PodernFamily

In episode 52, Chuck talks about PodernFamily! PodernFamily (@podernfamily) is a hashtag and more! It’s a community of podcasts that uses #PodernFamily on Twitter (and Facebook). Chuck uses #PodernFamily when he posts a Tweet about Hungry for Laughs! (@hfl_podcast). Chuck talks about four podcasts that use #PodernFamily: The Boondoggle (@boondogglecast), Deezus Take The Reel (@DeezusTTReel), Rough Giraffe (@RoughGiraffePod), and The Unwritable Rant (@MorningNeurosis). There are many, many more podcasts in the PodernFamily community. Let Chuck know which ones are your favorites!

Ep51: Hungry for Devo!

Office Décor Esoterica: aka Felt Energy Dome on Franz Kline Reproduction
Photo Credit: Adam Green

In episode 51, Chuck sits down with Adam Green to talk about Devo! Devo is the New Wave (or Punk, or Pop, or Whatever) band that started in the 1970s. Devo is probably best known for “Whip It,” but there are other songs of note. Adam and Chuck talk about various Devo songs, albums, and videos. Tell us about your favorite Devo songs and/or albums and/or videos. And thanks again to Adam for colorizing the podcast’s cover art!

Ep50: Hungry for 50!

The Big 5-0!

In episode 50, Chuck talks about the Big 5-0! Chuck turned 50 in August, but he’s not the only one to reach this milestone in 2017. Some things and people joining him in this achievement are a Chicago landmark, an iconic fast food item, a classic war game, and several past guests! Tell Chuck what other notables will turn the big 5-0 in 2017!

Ep49: Hungry for Paris!

Here’s an example of petit déjeuner at a café!
Photo Credit: Maggie Connell

In episode 49, Chuck sits down with return guest Maggie Connell to talk about Paris! Maggie spent two weeks in and around Paris in July. She made it to just about every museum and enjoyed a croissant daily. Maggie defends the Eiffel Tower and gives Chuck a basic French language lesson. Also cafés, bistros, and brasseries are defined and discussed. Have you been to Paris? Were the Parisians rude? Tell us about your favorite memories!

Ep48: Hungry for Rick Bayless!

This is one of Rick Bayless’s award-winning cookbooks!

In episode 48, Chuck talks about Rick Bayless! This award-winning celebrity chef, who lives in Chicago, was mentioned in episode 34: Hungry for Cooking Shows! Besides watching Rick Bayless’s cooking show on PBS, Mexico—One Plate at a Time, Chuck has also been to a number of his restaurants. Chuck makes it no secret that one of the reasons he recorded this episode was to obtain an invitation to one of Rick’s dinner parties!

Ep47: Hungry for Trailer Park Boys!

Trailer Park Boys (counterclockwise): Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian

In episode 47, Chuck talks on the phone with Gabriella Van Leuven and Mark Christian about Trailer Park Boys! It’s a mockumentary based in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The show follows the (mis)adventures of trailer park residents Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles. Gabriella introduced Chuck to Trailer Park Boys. Mark grew up in Nova Scotia, and tells us about the donair; it’s a messed up gyro as far as Chuck is concerned. Let us know what you think of Trailer Park Boys—and donairs!

Ep46: Hungry for Twelve (12) Angry Men!

Here’s a poster for the 1957 movie!

In episode 46, Chuck talks about Twelve (12) Angry Men! Chuck thinks this is one of the best courtroom dramas of all time! A young man’s life depends on the outcome of a jury’s deliberations. At first, only one man votes not guilty and sets the plot in motion. Evidence is discussed, argued, and demonstrated. Doubt spreads among the jurors, but is it reasonable?

Ep45: Hungry for Emergency!

Squad 51 is on its way!
Photo Credit: NBC Universal

In episode 45, Chuck sits down with return guest Tom Kearney to talk about Emergency! This television show from the 1970s is about paramedics Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto of Squad 51. There are also the doctors and the nurse at Rampart General Hospital. Have you used or been on the receiving end of a defibrillator? Does an IV of D5W really cure anything? Have you seen this show? Let Chuck and Tom know what your favorite episodes are.

Ep44: Hungry for Coleslaw!

This coleslaw really ranks!

In episode 44, Chuck talks about Coleslaw! Is he kidding? No, he’s not! The previous episode was about BBQ, and coleslaw is a classic side dish for BBQ. Coleslaw is cabbage salad, and the only common ingredient in the many variations of this salad is cabbage. Be it vinegary, creamy, or mustardy, Chuck loves him some coleslaw! Tell Chuck what kinds of coleslaw you like and what kinds you don’t!

Ep43: Hungry for BBQ!

Brisket, Sausage, and Ribs (and Texas Toast) at BBQ Supply Co. in Chicago!

In episode 43, Chuck sits down with his friend Tom Tompkins to talk about BBQ! It’s spelled BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, or with various hyphenations. No matter how it’s spelled, it still refers to smoky, low-and-slow goodness! Regional BBQ styles are discussed, and Tom and Chuck recommend BBQ joints found around the United States. Tell us what your favorite BBQ style is and what joints make the best BBQ.