Ep45: Hungry for Emergency!

Squad 51 is on its way!
Photo Credit: NBC Universal

In episode 45, Chuck sits down with return guest Tom Kearney to talk about Emergency! This television show from the 1970s is about paramedics Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto of Squad 51. There are also the doctors and the nurse at Rampart General Hospital. Have you used or been on the receiving end of a defibrillator? Does an IV of D5W really cure anything? Have you seen this show? Let Chuck and Tom know what your favorite episodes are.

Ep44: Hungry for Coleslaw!

This coleslaw really ranks!

In episode 44, Chuck talks about Coleslaw! Is he kidding? No, he’s not! The previous episode was about BBQ, and coleslaw is a classic side dish for BBQ. Coleslaw is cabbage salad, and the only common ingredient in the many variations of this salad is cabbage. Be it vinegary, creamy, or mustardy, Chuck loves him some coleslaw! Tell Chuck what kinds of coleslaw you like and what kinds you don’t!

Ep43: Hungry for BBQ!

Brisket, Sausage, and Ribs (and Texas Toast) at BBQ Supply Co. in Chicago!

In episode 43, Chuck sits down with his friend Tom Tompkins to talk about BBQ! It’s spelled BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, or with various hyphenations. No matter how it’s spelled, it still refers to smoky, low-and-slow goodness! Regional BBQ styles are discussed, and Tom and Chuck recommend BBQ joints found around the United States. Tell us what your favorite BBQ style is and what joints make the best BBQ.

Ep42: Hungry for Wonder Woman!

How can this be the “Ultimate Guide” if it was published before this episode was posted?

In episode 42, Chuck talks about Wonder Woman! Beware of the spoilers in this episode! This superhero has appeared in comic books, on television, and now, in feature films. Chuck remembers seeing two different women star as Wonder Woman on TV. He did see the first feature film in which Wonder Woman is the main character, and he did enjoy it. Let Chuck know your thoughts about this wonderful woman!

Ep41: Hungry for Europe!

Teatro antico di Taormina
Photo Credit: Scott Glennon

In episode 41, Chuck sits down with return guest Scott Glennon (He was the very first guest!) to talk about Europe! Scott has been to a couple dozen countries in Europe. His travels through Europe began while studying abroad in Rome, Italy. Chuck once changed planes in Belgium and spent a week in Spain. Scott talks about train travel, food, and some of his favorite sites. It sounds like Scott would sum up Europe with one word: spectacular! Let us know about your European travels.

Ep40: Hungry for The Inbetweeners!

Simon, Neil, Jay, and Will

In episode 40, Chuck talks about The Inbetweeners! Chuck understands that this episode isn’t particularly funny, but this show sure is! It’s a Britcom mentioned in episode 25, and it’s one of Chuck’s favorites! Yes it’s cringe-worthy, but that’s what makes it so great! If you’re a fan of this show, too, tell Chuck what you like about it. If you haven’t seen this show, check it out and let Chuck know what you think!

Ep39: Hungry for Live Music!

This is one of the many live music venues in Chicago!

In episode 39, Chuck sits down with his friends Catherine Louise and return guest Alan Tecktiel to talk about live music! Catherine and Alan enjoy live music more than just about anyone Chuck knows—and Catherine is a multitalented musician! We talk about our first concert experiences, various music venues, and live music festivals. You can hear Catherine’s solo work at www.reverbnation.com/catherinelouisemusic and find info on her band, Magatha Trysty, at www.facebook.com/MagathaTrysty/. Let us know about your favorite live music venues and experiences.

Ep38: Hungry for Sushi!

Sure hope this is a different Jiro than the one who’s mentioned in this episode!

In episode 38, Chuck talks about sushi! This Japanese cuisine is more than raw fish—it’s all about the rice! After he gives a brief history of sushi, Chuck lists the types of sushi, and then he talks a little about sushi in film. Chuck forgot to mention that the Chewing on Comments comment was left by one of the Bobs who hosts The Two Bobs Podcast. (www.thetwobobs.com) Let Chuck know what kind of sushi you like and the best place(s) for it!

Ep37: Hungry for Wisconsin!

A view from one Point along the Wisconsin River. See what I did there?
Photo Credit: Maggie Connell

In episode 37, Chuck sits down with his friend Maggie Connell to talk about Wisconsin! Maggie was born and raised in Wisconsin. There’s more than cheese, beer, and brats in America’s Dairyland. There are also Ducks and Spotted Cows. How does Wisconsin feel about its neighboring states? Give us your thoughts regarding this state’s offerings.

Ep36: Hungry for Coffee!

This used to be the host’s exclusive home brew—but no more!

In episode 36, Chuck talks about coffee! This drink made from roasted, ground beans has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, but Chuck has only been drinking it since he’s been an adult. Chuck likes his coffee black and bold but not burnt! Let Chuck know what kind of coffee you like and where and how you like to drink it!

Ep35: Hungry for South America!

Full disclosure: this is not actual size.

In episode 35, Chuck sits down with his friend Scott Kraus to talk about South America! Scott spent some time in Colombia and Ecuador, while Chuck has spent no time in any of the twelve sovereign nations or three territories. The largest country in South America, Brazil, has already been covered in a previous episode. Some interesting facts were discussed, and Chuck had fun saying Lake Titicaca. If you’ve traveled to South America, share with us your fondest memories.

Ep34: Hungry for Cooking Shows!

Oh Lidia, oh Lidia…

In episode 34, Chuck talks about Cooking Shows! He spends too much of his time watching these how-to shows. There was a time when the only place to see an entire show devoted to cooking was on the local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) station. Now there are entire cable channels devoting to cooking, but Chuck cut the cord months ago, so it’s pretty much back to PBS for him. Tell Chuck about your favorite cooking shows!

Ep33: Hungry for Hamburgers!

The hamburger is fine, but there might be enough fries in a regular order for five guys!

In episode 33, Chuck talks over the phone with his friend and return guest, Joel Albright, about hamburgers. Chuck and Joel talk about the origin of this meat patty on a bun—it may not be as straightforward as you think! Besides the chains known worldwide, there are regional ones as well. Joel tells us about the worst hamburger he’s had; but to be honest, he shouldn’t have been too surprised. Tell us about your favorite hamburger joint!

Ep32: Hungry for Barney Miller!

The original cast!
Photo Credit: Sony

In episode 32, Chuck talks about Barney Miller! It’s a classic sitcom from the 1970s. The men, and occasional women, of the 12th precinct were a diverse bunch who served the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. Throughout its eight seasons, Captain Miller runs an incorruptible squad of detectives. Barney Miller is very well received by police officers for its realistic portrayal of cops!

Ep31: Hungry for Philadelphia!

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed here!

In episode 31, Chuck sits down with his friend Pat Nevis to talk about Philadelphia! Pat spent the first eight years of his life there—well almost. Chuck visited there in November 2015 and had a great time! Lots of firsts happened in Philadelphia and it’s where Larry Fine of The Three Stooges was born! Chuck and Pat talk about what to see, do, and eat in Philly—there’s a lot more than the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks! Independence Hall, Eastern State Penitentiary, Reading Terminal Market, and the Mütter Museum are well worth your time as well. If you’ve been to Philadelphia, let us know what your favorite attractions are.

Ep30: Hungry for Christmas!

It’s THE Elf on a Shelf!

In episode 30, Chuck talks about Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Chuck very briefly talks about some of the history and traditions of this joyous holiday. Childhood memories are shared, and there’s yet another harrowing journey to the desert—that was one rip-roaring flight. There’s a lot of Christmassy stuff that Chuck didn’t talk about, so let him know what your traditions are for the Christmas season!

Ep29: Hungry for Board Games!

From the ceiling of ToyBox Bistro in Huntsville, AL, where it might be a Risk to stand under this. (See what I did there?) Photo Credit: Laurie Fieffer
From the ceiling of ToyBox Bistro in Huntsville, AL, where it might be a Risk to stand under this. (See what I did there?)
Photo Credit: Laurie Fieffer

In episode 29, Chuck talks with his friend, Laurie Fieffer, over the phone. Chuck and Laurie talk about board games! They grew up together and played many board games together. After discussing the history of board games, Chuck and Laurie reminisce about some of their favorites. Chuck learned about German-style board games during his research and then saw some of these games during his trip to Canada! Let them know which board games you used to play and/or which ones you currently enjoy playing!

Ep28: Hungry for Thanksgiving!

Was this bird part of the "first" Thanksgiving? Photo Credit: PIXNIO – Public Domain Images
Was this bird part of the “first” Thanksgiving?
Photo Credit: PIXNIO – Public Domain Images

In episode 28, Chuck talks about Thanksgiving! It’s that time of year when family and friends gather to give thanks for all that they have. Chuck talks about the origins of this American holiday. Remember it’s celebrated in the United States of America and in Canada. Childhood memories of this holiday are brought up, as are memories of one harrowing journey to the desert—that was one turkey of a flight. But seriously folks, let Chuck know what you’re thankful for this year!

Ep27: Hungry for Running!

John's gear for his 19th marathon! Photo Credit: David Jaewon Oh
John’s gear for his 19th marathon!
Photo Credit: David Jaewon Oh

In episode 27, Chuck sits down with his friend John Swinford to talk about running! John has been running since 2004 and has since run in many, many marathons. He ran in his 19th marathon, the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon® after we recorded this episode! Did John’s story of why he started running and the positive effects it’s had on his life inspire Chuck to take up running? (Chuck doubts it.) Tell us about your running experiences, and let us know what benefits you’ve received since you became a runner!

Ep26: Hungry for Italian Beef!

If it's good enough for Jay Leno, then it's good enough for you!
If it’s good enough for Jay Leno, then it’s good enough for you!

In episode 26, Chuck talks about Italian beef! It’s another one of those Chicago things. Like hot dogs, there are plenty of places to get these delicious sandwiches. Dry, wet, or dipped and with or without sweet peppers, mild giardiniera, or hot giardiniera—so many choices! Oh I suppose you can also top it with cheese. One joint is famous for being Jay Leno’s favorite. Let Chuck know which place you think serves the best Italian beef and how you like yours topped!

Ep25: Hungry for Britcoms!

Great advice but it's hard to do the first thing while doing the second thing! Photo Credit: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
Great advice but it’s hard to do the first thing while doing the second thing!
Photo Credit:

In episode 25, Chuck talks with his friends Mary Catherine (Britty) Pastoret (the first return guest) and Joe Osowski about Britcoms! These are British situation comedies. We talk about some well-known shows like Fawlty Towers and Absolutely Fabulous and other lesser-known shows like Steptoe and Son and Till Death Us Do Part. These last two became Sanford and Son and All in the Family, respectively, in the United States. We didn’t mention all of these crossovers—one of the best-known ones actually. Let us know which Britcom is your favorite and which one(s) we forgot to mention!

Ep24: Hungry for Sudoku!

There can be only one...
There can be only one…

In episode 24, Chuck talks about Sudoku! It’s not “math”! It’s logic! It’s fun for Chuck just about every Saturday after he’s done eating his bagel. What do bagels have to do with Sudoku? Nothing! Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a puzzle that can be simple one day and next-to-impossible the next. Wait…what? Seriously though—give it a go if you haven’t already. It’s a great way to keep you mind active. Have you given any of the variations a try? If you have, let Chuck know about it.

Ep23: Hungry for The Franklin Chronicles!

Who the %$&* is Franklin?!! Photo Credit: Gene Varnado
Who the %$&* is Franklin?!!
Photo Credit:
Gene Varnado

In episode 23, Chuck talks with his friend Gene Varnado about his blog, The Franklin Chronicles! It’s more than a just a blog: there are films, podcast episodes, and music! Speaking of more, there is video to accompany this episode, and it’s the first episode recorded outside of Chuck’s home studio. Did this make Chuck nervous? Listen and watch to find out. Thanks to Gene’s family for sitting by for support. Special thanks to Charles and Suzy Moore for recording the video and audio. You can see the video portion and learn all about The Franklin Chronicles at www.franklinchronicles.com.

Ep22: Hungry for Summer Olympics!

Copy of Discobolus (the discus thrower) by Myron of Eleutherae Photo Credit: www.greekmythosartifacts.com
Copy of Discobolus (the discus thrower) by Myron of Eleutherae
Photo Credit: www.greekmythosartifacts.com

In episode 22, Chuck talks about summer Olympics! From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and the events in between, there’s…the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat…. That’s from ABC’s Wide World of Sports—but it’s still fitting here. Chuck does enjoy watching the summer Olympic Games, but does he enjoy the commentary that goes with them?