Ep24: Hungry for Sudoku!

There can be only one...
There can be only one…

In episode 24, Chuck talks about Sudoku! It’s not “math”! It’s logic! It’s fun for Chuck just about every Saturday after he’s done eating his bagel. What do bagels have to do with Sudoku? Nothing! Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a puzzle that can be simple one day and next-to-impossible the next. Wait…what? Seriously though—give it a go if you haven’t already. It’s a great way to keep you mind active. Have you given any of the variations a try? If you have, let Chuck know about it.

Ep23: Hungry for The Franklin Chronicles!

Who the %$&* is Franklin?!! Photo Credit: Gene Varnado
Who the %$&* is Franklin?!!
Photo Credit:
Gene Varnado

In episode 23, Chuck talks with his friend Gene Varnado about his blog, The Franklin Chronicles! It’s more than a just a blog: there are films, podcast episodes, and music! Speaking of more, there is video to accompany this episode, and it’s the first episode recorded outside of Chuck’s home studio. Did this make Chuck nervous? Listen and watch to find out. Thanks to Gene’s family for sitting by for support. Special thanks to Charles and Suzy Moore for recording the video and audio. You can see the video portion and learn all about The Franklin Chronicles at www.franklinchronicles.com.

Ep22: Hungry for Summer Olympics!

Copy of Discobolus (the discus thrower) by Myron of Eleutherae Photo Credit: www.greekmythosartifacts.com
Copy of Discobolus (the discus thrower) by Myron of Eleutherae
Photo Credit: www.greekmythosartifacts.com

In episode 22, Chuck talks about summer Olympics! From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and the events in between, there’s…the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat…. That’s from ABC’s Wide World of Sports—but it’s still fitting here. Chuck does enjoy watching the summer Olympic Games, but does he enjoy the commentary that goes with them?

Ep21: Hungry for Brazil!

A beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean overlooking the city of Florianópolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil! Photo Credit: Beatriz Da Silva
A beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean overlooking the city of Florianópolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil!
Photo Credit: Beatriz Da Silva

In episode 21, Chuck talks with his cousins Alan and Adriana Kurtzweg about Brazil! There’s more to the largest country in South America as well as Latin America than beaches and Carnival. The capital is Brasília, not Rio de Janeiro as some silly, scary movie might have us believe. Alan talks about the futuristic architecture of Brasília. Adriana is from the state of Rio Grande do Sul where Fogo de Chão was founded! We talk about Brazil’s use of hydroelectric power and ethanol. And, of course, we talk about Snake Island!

Ep20: Hungry for Frisbee®!

Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O. So is Wham-O. And so is World Class and 141G, apparently.
Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O. So is Wham-O. And so is World Class and 141G, apparently.

In episode 20, Chuck talks about Frisbee®! First things first: Frisbee® is a registered trademark of Wham-O. He talks about Frisbee Golf and Ultimate (formerly known as Ultimate Frisbee). From previous episodes you may have gathered that Chuck’s not really into sports. Well that’s true, but he loves to throw these plastic flying discs! And he’s pretty darn good at throwing them! Chuck thinks that last statement is true despite a particular story you’ll hear in this episode.

Ep19: Hungry for Craft Beer!

This is the original craft beer!
This is the original craft beer!

In episode 19, Chuck talks with his friend Bill Baker about craft beer! We’re not talking about the mass-produced swill the big boys pump out. We’re talking about the fine and varied brews created from yeast, malt, hops, and water. Bill believes every kind of beer has its place. Chuck believes that too but not in the same way. What are your favorite craft beers? Do you like the mass-produced stuff? Tell us about which beers we should try and where we can find them.

Ep18: Hungry for Summer!

Foster Avenue Beach, Chicago: Approved for flip-flops!
Foster Avenue Beach, Chicago:
Approved for flip-flops!

In episode 18, Chuck talks about summer! Here in Chicago, it’s not so much the heat it’s the humidity! (Thanks, mom!) What’s not to like about summery things? What’s not to love about picnics, beaches, and fireworks? Hold on to your hats, would you believe Chuck could find fault with these things! What’s the deal with flip-flops? (That’s Chuck’s Seinfeld impression.) Tell Chuck what you like and/or don’t like about summer.

Ep17: Hungry for Acting!

Tom Kearney in a scene from Gaelic Park Players’ production of Philadelphia, Here I Come! by Brian Friel. Photo Credit: Monika Nevis
Tom Kearney in a scene from Gaelic Park Players’ production of Philadelphia, Here I Come! by Brian Friel.
Photo Credit: Monika Nevis

In episode 17, Chuck talks with his friend Tom Kearney about acting! Tom talks about how he got his start in acting on the stage. Tom acts in plays, and he has directed plays. Chuck talks about the first time he tried to see Tom act in a play. Chuck and Tom trade theories of what the role of the audience is. Chicago actors and the respect they have from actors across the country is discussed as well. Tom ends up interviewing Chuck about his inspiration for starting the podcast. Do you like Chuck’s imitation of Jon Lovitz’s Master Thespian?

Ep16: Hungry for Award Shows!

The elusive E.G.O.T.! Photo Credit: AwardsWatch
The elusive E.G.O.T!
Photo Credit: AwardsWatch

In episode 16, Chuck talks about award shows! What’s the point of these things? Why do people watch these shows? Why does Chuck watch these shows? Of course there are the big four (E. G. O. T.), but there are plenty of other awards that shouldn’t mean much to most folks. Do you watch award shows? Which part of the show is your favorite? Which part(s) could you do without? Share your thoughts about these narcissistic shows!

Ep15: Hungry for Vinyl!

Hipsters be envious! Photo Credit: Eli Tecktiel
Hipsters be envious!
Photo Credit: Eli Tecktiel

In episode 15, Chuck talks with his friends, Alan and Eli Tecktiel. That’s plural! It’s the first time there has been more than one guest on an episode of the podcast! Chuck, Alan, and Eli talk about vinyl records. These things were almost extinct! Thanks to the hipsters (and some artists and Eli), the medium that was all the rage for most of twentieth century is alive and well. What are these things that once needed a piece of furniture in order to hear them? What is their appeal? Where can you get them? What’s the coolest album cover? Tell us about your favorite record or album.

Ep14: Hungry for Theatergoing!

Scandalous in its day!
Scandalous in its day!

In episode 14, Chuck talks about theatergoing! Yes, it’s a noun—look it up! Chuck loves going to the theater to see plays. He’ll see a drama, a comedy, a dramedy, and maybe even a musical (maybe). Oh, but he doesn’t love everything about the theatergoing experience (surprise)—see it’s also an adjective! Tell Chuck about your favorite plays! What transgressions have you witnessed/endured while trying to enjoy the performance?

Ep13: Hungry for Jerks!

Don't be this guy! Photo Credit: Allposters.com
Don’t be this guy!
Photo Credit: Allposters.com

In episode 13, Chuck talks with his friend, Tom Greene, over the phone. That’s right listeners, it’s the first episode recorded over the phone! (The host has mad tech skills!) Chuck and Tom talk about people all people must deal with—jerks! Admit it, you’ve been a jerk. Chuck and Tom admit when they’ve been jerks. Are jerks born or bred? Once a jerk, always a jerk? Let us know about your encounters with a jerk—even (especially) if it was you!

Ep12: Hungry for Bagels!

Poppy the Bagel! (And that ain't no chive--actually it is!)
Poppy the Bagel!
(And that ain’t no chive–actually it is!)

In episode 12, Chuck talks about bagels! For those who know him, they know he has a bit of a routine when it comes to bagels. He talks about the controversial history of bagels and a little about how they ended up all over North America. How are they made? What can you put on a bagel? Does Chuck go on a rant? Guess where you won’t see him having a nice, hot bagel! Let Chuck know what your favorite bagel is and what you put on your bagel!

Ep11: Hungry for Columbo!

Photo credits: Getty Images; NBC Universal
Just one more thing…
Photo Credits: Getty Images; NBC Universal

In episode 11, Chuck sits down with his friend, Corey Lynn, to talk about Columbo. It’s the classic television series starring Peter Falk as a lieutenant in the Los Angeles police department who has to solve a murder. What’s so special about this series? The viewer already knows whodunit! The beauty and fun of it is that you get to watch the disheveled man in the rumpled raincoat (in Los Angeles?) disarm, distract, and politely pester the guilty person until there is enough evidence to make an arrest. Other shows that have a “howcatchem” format are mentioned as well. Oh just one more thing: Leave a comment to tell us what your favorite episode is or what shows we didn’t mention have an inverted detective story format!

Ep10: Hungry for Tacos!

Tongue tacos with onions and cilantro!
Tongue tacos with onions and cilantro!

In episode 10, Chuck talks about tacos because the episode is being posted on a Tuesday. (Figure it out.) He explains a bit of their history and why they turned into the things wrapped in hard shells with ground beef, lettuce, and cheese, which is how many gringos know them. The basic protein fillings are mentioned, but tacos are one of those things that you can stuff with just about anything. (But Chuck might make fun of you for it.) Chuck’s favorite filling is lengua (tongue), with onions and cilantro of course, along with a squirt of lime and maybe some salsa! You can guess if an endorsement deal from Taco Bell is coming soon. Let Chuck know what kind of tacos you like and the best place to get them!

Ep9: Hungry for Oak Park!

I wanted to pick the Wright photo, but I settled on this instead!
Photo Credit: Allposters.com

In episode 9, Chuck sits down with his friend, Amy Henderson, to talk about Oak Park, Illinois. It’s a western suburb and it has lots to offer. Amy and her family live in Oak Park, and we discuss all of this town has to offer. Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway fans should consider a visit. Comedy legends Betty White and Bob Newhart were born in Oak Park, Illinois. And one of the dudes on The Big Bang Theory grew up there—so there’s that. It may not be Chicago, but for a suburb it’s pretty nice!

Ep8: Hungry for Pho!

What the Pho?!
What the Pho?!

In episode 8, Chuck talks about the Vietnamese noodle dish known as Pho. It’s the national dish of Vietnam, and it’s normally eaten for breakfast. You’ll hear it pronounced so that it rhymes with duh or so that it rhymes with go. Pronounce it however you like; but when you’re feeling low, have a bowl of pho! (See what I did there?) The noodles and their texture are important, but it’s the broth that differentiates one version from another. Chuck likes his with tendon and tripe! (Oh relax!) Let Chuck know what you like in your pho!

Ep7: Hungry for Pizza!

A New York slice in Chicago!
A New York slice in Chicago!

In episode 7, Chuck sits down with his friend, Joel Albright, to talk about pizza. Chuck and Joel grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, and when they were teenagers, they both worked at pizza joints. There’s a little history, nostalgia, and discussion about the different types of pizza available in the Chicago area. There’s one topping Joel does not want anywhere near his pizza! This episode is the first of 2016, and there are a few new things included. There are two new segments. There is also a call to action: Tell us about your favorite pizza and where to get it! Leave comments on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or at hungryforlaughs.com!

Ep6: Hungry for Hot Dogs!

No Ketchup (or Catsup)!
No Ketchup (or Catsup)!

In episode 6, Chuck talks about hot dogs. He loves him some hot dogs, and living in Chicago gives him oh so many places to enjoy them. What can be said about a hot dog that hasn’t been said already? Who cares? Just sit back, listen carefully, and you might be able to figure out which condiment Chuck thinks doesn’t belong on a hot dog. And he’s not alone!

Ep5: Hungry for The Three Stooges!

Hello! Hello! Hello!
Hello! Hello! Hello!

In episode 5, Chuck sits down with his best friend, Dave Ryan, to talk about the comedy team icons. There were actually Six Stooges over the course of their run: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard, Joe Besser, and Curly-Joe DeRita. We talk about some of our favorite shorts, scenes, and lines from these knuckleheads. Chuck recently returned from Philadelphia where he ended up at Jon’s Bar and Grille, which was originally the house in which Larry Fine was born. Listen carefully to see if you can guess if Chuck had some wine before recording this episode.

Ep4: Hungry for Public Transportation!

The world-famous Chicago "L"!
The world-famous Chicago “L”!

In episode 4, Chuck talks about the trains, buses, and bikes meant for the masses. He doesn’t own a car any more, so these are the things he relies on to get around—these and the kindness of strangers (and not the bikes). He’s used public transportation all across these United States and in Canada and Spain. Listen in to learn how we can all get along and how to not piss off Chuck while you avail yourselves of these convenient conveyances.

Ep3: Hungry for Masterpiece!

Masterpiece on PBS--Check your local listings; Photo Credit: PBS
Masterpiece on PBS!–Check your local listings!
Photo Credit: PBS

In episode 3, Chuck sits down with his friend Mary Catherine (Britty) Pastoret. We talk about Masterpiece (formerly known as Masterpiece Theatre) on PBS. From Upstairs, Downstairs to Downton Abbey, we talk about why we love (well, really why Britty loves) these shows. And, hey, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor; that’s one of the great things about PBS. If you have nothing better to do on Sunday nights, then give these shows a go. Just because Chuck doesn’t usually watch them—that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Ep2: Hungry for Podcasts!

My Podcast List!
My Podcast List!

In episode 2, I, your host, Chuck Schlaudraff, sit down alone to share some thoughts about the eleven podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. Well ok, this episode is not really all that funny I suppose. But if in the mid-sixties, people endured a season of My Mother the Car, then you can make it through this episode. This gives you some insight into those podcasts that have informed me, inspired me, and have brought me many hours of entertainment. Surely you’ve heard of some of these; and if you haven’t, I think you would enjoy them. And sorry for calling you Shirley (unless that is your name).

Ep1: Hungry for Chicago!

Sweet Home Chicago!

In the very first episode, I, your host, Chuck Schlaudraff, sit down with my very first guest, Scott Glennon (my brother). We talk about this great city we love—Chicago. It’s the great city we live in, the great city we work in, and the great city that is home to the Hungry for Laughs! studio. Yes, there was Al Capone! Yes, there was a great fire, and there is still the occasional fire. There’s great food, architecture, museums, sports, and a lake! So much great stuff here in the big city, we couldn’t possibly get to it all.