Ep4: Hungry for Public Transportation!

The world-famous Chicago "L"!
The world-famous Chicago “L”!

In episode 4, Chuck talks about the trains, buses, and bikes meant for the masses. He doesn’t own a car any more, so these are the things he relies on to get around—these and the kindness of strangers (and not the bikes). He’s used public transportation all across these United States and in Canada and Spain. Listen in to learn how we can all get along and how to not piss off Chuck while you avail yourselves of these convenient conveyances.

Ep3: Hungry for Masterpiece!

Masterpiece on PBS--Check your local listings; Photo Credit: PBS
Masterpiece on PBS!–Check your local listings!
Photo Credit: PBS

In episode 3, Chuck sits down with his friend Mary Catherine (Britty) Pastoret. We talk about Masterpiece (formerly known as Masterpiece Theatre) on PBS. From Upstairs, Downstairs to Downton Abbey, we talk about why we love (well, really why Britty loves) these shows. And, hey, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor; that’s one of the great things about PBS. If you have nothing better to do on Sunday nights, then give these shows a go. Just because Chuck doesn’t usually watch them—that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Ep2: Hungry for Podcasts!

My Podcast List!
My Podcast List!

In episode 2, I, your host, Chuck Schlaudraff, sit down alone to share some thoughts about the eleven podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. Well ok, this episode is not really all that funny I suppose. But if in the mid-sixties, people endured a season of My Mother the Car, then you can make it through this episode. This gives you some insight into those podcasts that have informed me, inspired me, and have brought me many hours of entertainment. Surely you’ve heard of some of these; and if you haven’t, I think you would enjoy them. And sorry for calling you Shirley (unless that is your name).

Ep1: Hungry for Chicago!

Sweet Home Chicago!

In the very first episode, I, your host, Chuck Schlaudraff, sit down with my very first guest, Scott Glennon (my brother). We talk about this great city we love—Chicago. It’s the great city we live in, the great city we work in, and the great city that is home to the Hungry for Laughs! studio. Yes, there was Al Capone! Yes, there was a great fire, and there is still the occasional fire. There’s great food, architecture, museums, sports, and a lake! So much great stuff here in the big city, we couldn’t possibly get to it all.